Service available in:

Who we are

West Lancashire, Southport and Formby Integrated Specialist Palliative Care Services (SPCS) working alongside other health professionals in primary care, hospital and other care settings.

We provide psychological support, symptom control, education, specialist palliative care to patients with far advanced, progressive, incurable, malignant or non malignant illness.

What we do

The service is provided in hospital and community (home and care homes) by a consultant led multi-professional team.

The Specialist Palliative Care Unit (Queenscourt Hospice) provides inpatient, outpatient and at home services as well as education from the Terence Burgess Education Centre at Queenscourt.

The service is provided to:

  • Patients with far advanced, progressive, incurable, malignant or non malignant illness who have complex physical, psychological, social or spiritual needs
  • Where the above patient &/or family needs are unable to be met by health professionals in current care setting and may be met by a specialist service
  • Where current health professionals require support & advice of a specialist service

Referral is usually via general practitioner, district nurse, hospital doctor, ward nurse or other health professional. However, self-referrals are also possible.

Admission to service follows assessment and recognition of specialist palliative care needs by a member of the SPCS MDT

Discharge occurs when SPCS input no longer required.