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Southport and Formby Wheelchair Service provide specialist assessment and provision of appropriate seating for individuals who have a Southport or Formby GP and have mobility, postural and pressure needs to service users from 36 months (unless at risk of postural deformity, then referrals will be accepted sooner) and onwards.


We provide assessments in a variety of community settings including our clinic room at Zetland Street, home environments, Day Centre’s and Schools.

We have a spacious clinic room with onsite disabled parking and have the facilities to carry out our seating clinics. The clinic has a height adjustable plinth, wheelchair accessible scales and hoist facilities. We ask that clients bring their own slings.

We have a pressure mapping system which we can use to accurately assess service users for suitable pressure relieving cushions, increase their independence and reduce hospital admissions.

Southport and Formby Wheelchair Service are currently developing our Personal Wheelchair Budgets pathway to optimise outcomes for the service users under our care. Ask the assessing clinician for further information regarding this scheme.

Inclusion criteria

Exclusion criteria

GP within Southport and Formby

Solely for outdoor / social use

For indoor use

In place of suitable static seating

Permanent restriction of mobility for six months plus.

Transit wheelchair to nursing home/rest homes

Outdoor use for:

- Palliative stage of a terminal illness
- Transit wheelchair essential for Package of Care. e.g. day centre / education / work

Mobile individuals, with challenging behavioural problems, as a mean of management

From 36 months of age, with the exception of a child who requires postural management

Pushchairs/buggies to children nearing school age

Powered chairs: for those who require independence indoors as well as outdoors and unable to self propel

Scooters / outdoor only powered chairs

As a service we use a variety of different agencies specialised in seating and provision to enable and promote independence and improve quality of life.

Provision is in accordance to assessment from a member of the clinical team.

Wheelchair provision:

  • Attendant
  • Self propel
  • Tilt and space
  • Medium / Active userimage.png
  • Buggies
  • Electric Powered Indoor Chairs
  • Electric Powered Indoor Outdoor Chairs


  • Pressure relieving image.png
  • Foam / gel / air
  • Contour and positioning


  • To aid postural alignment and support of pelvis, limbs, trunk and head
  • To provide comfort in seating
  • Backrest support to enable comfort and postural management

Complex postural issues

  • Modular seating (adjustable)
  • Moulded seating

image.png    image.png

  • Referrals for assessments can be made by GPs, any health professional, or by self referral once the client is known to the service. 
  • As a service we accept referrals via post or email.
  • Once the client is known the service, we will accept phone call referrals

Maintenance and repairs of loan equipment are provided by our approved repairer Ross Care.

Contact number: 0151 653 6000

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