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Who are we

Our Chronic Pain Management Service provides self-management support for people living with long term musculoskeletal pain. 

We aim to help motivate those affected by pain to adopt self-help skills to achieve measureable improvements in their quality of life despite pain. We offer skilled support and training in self-management methods to enable those living with long-term pain to live their lives more effectively.

Our team includes:

  • Admin - often the first point of contact with the service, our admin team arranges appointments and is able to help with patient queries. 
  • Medical doctor - our medical consultants have a highly specialised knowledge of investigating and managing various pain conditions and advise patients and their GPs on how best to manage pain. 
  • Clinical psychologist - specialised in the assessment and treatment of psychological distress, clinical psychologists have knowledge about the impact of being diagnosed with a chronic pain condition and the bearing this can have upon an individual's quality of life. Our clinical psychologist works with a counselling psychologist and some patients may be seen by them.
  • Physiotherapist - physiotherapists are needed to assess the physical impact of pain on everyday functioning and can advise on the best ways to improve movement and fitness alongside the pain. 
  • Pharmacist - pharmacists have a highly specialised knowledge of medication and can advise patients on how to use medication to best effect.

Our service is for adults aged 18 years and over with persistent musculoskeletal pain that has lasted for more than three months. 

We accept referrals for people whose condition has been investigated by the GP or consultant and for whom all specific curative treatment options aimed at the pathology underlying the pain have been excluded or attempted without benefit.

People who attend our group pain management programme understand their pain is most likely to continue. They have usually had investigations and treatments and still remain with persisting pain. They recognise there is no need for any further investigations and they are not looking for a ‘cure’ for the pain. Instead, they would like to develop a new approach to dealing with their pain and want to take practical steps to help themselves.

You can be referred to the service by your GP. 

You will be assessed by a member of the team who will discuss your circumstances in more detail. The decision regarding who you will see first is taken carefully and based on the information in your referral.

The first appointment lasts for up to an hour and generally includes assessment of the impact of pain on day-to-day life. A recommendation is then made as to the best way forward to manage the problem. This usually involves assessment by other members of the team.

  • - Information and support for those living with pain. Amongst other things, Pain Concern have developed an internet radio show (broadcast on Able Radio) aimed at those living with chronic pain – The Airing Pain podcasts can be found on iTunes and are highly recommended. 

  • - Ideas and techniques for pain management without drugs.

  • - A simple, yet comprehensive toolkit, outlining tips and skills for living in pain, put together by Pete Moore, who himself has persistent pain, asthma and osteoarthritis 

  • - A pioneering community interest company teaching mindfulness skills to ease the suffering associated with persistent pain, fatigue and ill health. 

  • - A resource of self-management training for those living in pain to improve coping skills and quality of life despite pain.

  • - The largest multidisciplinary professional organisation in the field of pain within the UK. It aims to promote education, training, research and development in all fields of pain 

  • - The American Chronic Pain Association facilitates peer support and education for individuals with chronic pain and their families so that these individuals may live more fully in spite of their pain. 

  • - An alliance of charities campaigning for people in pain. 

  • - A free downloadable CD for people who suffer persistent pain.