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The Prevention and Resolution Service provides psychosocial support to residents of St Helens who have attended Whiston Accident and Emergency Department with suicidal thoughts and or self harm. It offers crisis interventions tailored to you, delivered by nurse practitioners and assistant psychologists to help you manage your current circumstances and learn techniques to manage difficult emotions that may have led to recent self harm or suicidal thoughts. We are here for you between 8am and 8pm seven days per week.

If you’re an adult, registered with a GP in St Helens and attend Whiston Accident and Emergency Department following an incident of self harm, you’ll be offered a referral to the service.

Initially, you’ll receive an assessment of your mental health needs by the Mental Health Liaison Service based at Whiston Hospital. Following your assessment, you’ll be referred to the Prevention and Resolution Service. We will contact you within 24 hours. We aim to make appointments accessible so they can be offered somewhere in St Helens or online. We welcome the involvement of family and carers in supporting you.

In the initial appointment with a PRS practitioner, you will:

  • Develop a shared understanding of your needs
  • Start working on a safety plan
  • Discuss and identify areas to work on together
  • Make a plan and set goals to address your difficulties in the short and long term.

We will then work with you, depending on your needs, covering topics such as:

  • Problem solving skills
  • Enhanced emotional coping skills
  • Psychosocial education to manage symptoms
  • Support to address the underlying thoughts, emotions and circumstances leading to self harm
  • Finding solutions and alternatives
  • Social and financial interventions
  • Motivational interviewing for substance use
  • Support with managing relationships.

The crisis line offers 24 hour phone support for people who are in crisis. The number for this service is 0800 051 1508.

We have strong links with other agencies to support you with social stressors. You will be signposted and supported to link in with other services to address your needs and support your recovery.