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Who are we?

Our Early Supported Discharge Service enables stroke patients to be discharged home from hospital more quickly, whilst still receiving specialist rehabilitation. 

Patients who receive early supported discharge have an increased likelihood of remaining at home long-term and also of regaining independence with daily activities.

Rehabilitation therapists visit patients in their own homes to provide therapy in a familiar home setting rather than in hospital. The team consists of the same mix of healthcare professionals that are based on the stroke ward, including:

  • Physiotherapists
  • Occupational therapist
  • Speech and language therapist 
  • Assistant practitioner

Who is our service for?

Our service is appropriate for stroke patients who are medically fit for discharge from hospital and are able to transfer from bed to chair independently or with the assistance of one person.

Any care packages or equipment that is required to maintain a safe environment must be in place prior to discharge. 

Patients must also be committed to engage with rehabilitation programmes for up to six months at the intensity described below.

Therapy will take place on a daily basis if required and sessions will last for around 45 minutes. The intensity of therapy is tailored to each individual’s needs. To prevent delay in delivery of services, we aim to see patients at home within 24 hours of discharge from hospital (including weekends).

Therapy is goal-orientated and meaningful rehabilitation goals will be set in conjunction with the patient, and, if appropriate, family members or carers.

Each rehabilitation programme is tailored to meet the patients’ individual needs but may include help with some of the following:

  • Mobility 

  • Arm, hand, leg function

  • Communication - language, understanding and speech

  • Washing and dressing

  • Kitchen tasks -  food and drink preparation

  • Accessing the community and social activities

  • Returning to employment

  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

  • Support for patient and carer

The length of time required for patients to regain lost function / abilities varies widely. You will receive a maximum of six months of therapeutic input from the team. 

If you still have rehabilitation needs after this time, we will ensure you are referred to the services that can help you to continue to recover such as the Allen Day Unit, Health Improvement Team, Falls Prevention Service, Community Therapy Services, Community Speech and Language Therapy.

We work closely with other agencies and services including GPs, psychologists, care agencies, community equipment services, carer support services and the Stroke Association.