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Who we are

Our Accident and Emergency Liaison Services work within local accident and emergency (A&E) departments to support patients with mental health problems. We have staff based within:

  • Warrington Hospital (Warrington and Halton)
  • Whiston Hospital (Knowsley and St Helens)

The teams assess the mental health of people who attend their local A&E departments with a mental health problem. Once the teams have assessed someone, they may then be referred onto local services to meet their current mental health needs.

The teams also provide education and training to hospital staff to support them to care for people who visit the hospitals with mental health problems.

Our service is for people who attend their local A&E department with mental health problems. This may be because they are in mental health crisis or because they have self-harmed and need physical health care, or it could be for a reason unrelated to their mental health problem.

If you arrive at A&E with a mental health problem, the nursing and medical staff will refer you to a member of our team if you ask, or if they think it will help.