With so much information out there, we appreciate that everyone is overwhelmed and this can add to stress for professionals. This section contains focused information to support your usual assessment, including factors specific to coronavirus that should be considered.

It is essential that we are aware of and are alert to signs of a range of perinatal mental health difficulties, including the perinatal ‘red flags’. 

What is perinatal mental health and why is it important?  

Presented by Dr Vicky Selby, Clinical Psychologist within our Specialist Perinatal Service, this video gives an overview of perinatal mental health, including additional challenges for mums and families during COVID-19. Vicky shares ideas about psychological barriers to seeking help (eg guilt and ‘masking’) and how you can open up conversations about mental health from the outset.

How can I spot signs of perinatal mental illness?

NHS England and NHS Improvement have produced this animated video clip, which is about identifying signs of perinatal mental illness and includes details of perinatal red flags (warning signs). 

How do we work together? 

London Clinical Network produced this 'Building Better Mental Health Services' video to outline how Specialist Perinatal Services compliment the community health and social care input. The short animated video clip outlines where the specialist service fits together with the wider community and details how we can all do our bit.  

Local pathways and guidance