image-20230817161446-2.pngOur Mental Health Support Team in schools has provided their top three mental wellbeing apps for young people. These apps are all free and are endorsed by the national NHS website.

Blue IceBlue Ice is an evidenced based app to help young people manage their emotions and reduce urges to self harm. It includes a mood diary, a toolbox of evidence based techniques to reduce distress and automatic routing to emergency numbers if urges to harm continue.

MeeTwo - The MeeTwo app provides a safe and secure forum for teenagers wanting to discuss any issue affecting their lives. You can anonymously get advice from experts or other teenagers going through similar experiences in areas such as mental health, self harming, relationships and friendships.

Chill Panda - the Chill Panda app measures your heart rate and suggests tasks to suit your state of mind. Tasks include simple breathing techniques and light exercises to take your mind off your worries.

Fight, Flight, Freeze – The fight, flight video explains anxiety for young people.  

Watch our animation about how our Child Adolecent and Mental Health Service (CAMHS) can help you.