Date published: 24 June 2022

Our Telehealth service originally started as a small project that supported around 50 patients in Liverpool with COPD and heart failure. At the height of the pandemic, the number of patients being managed each day soared to more than 5,500.

Seeing first-hand how effective the technology was at monitoring vulnerable patients in the comfort of their own home and the benefits this brought, the Telehealth service has continued to expand across our footprint with the intention of going nationwide.

Andrew Richardson, is awaiting heart surgery and was referred to the Telehealth service by his cardiac outreach nurse.

Within 24 hours of being referred to the Telehealth service, monitoring equipment was delivered to his house, which enabled him to provide daily observations, such as his blood pressure and weight. This is accompanied by daily questions about his symptoms which he completes via an app.

Andrew explains: “The Telehealth service has provided much needed peace of mind and reassurance, knowing someone is constantly there to monitor my condition.

“I’ve had equipment at home now for several months and I’ve found it invaluable. Especially knowing that someone is at the end of a phone whenever I need them.”

The Telehealth team is supporting around 2,000 patients a day with long term conditions like COPD and heart failure at the same time as increasing the service to support COVID-19 patients. This is in addition to developing respiratory and heart failure virtual wards to provide close monitoring with a consultant oversight at patient’s homes.

The experience developed over many years, has established Mersey Care as a national leader in this field. For further information, visit our Telehealth service page.