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Being diagnosed with a long term condition such as diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or heart failure can have a huge impact on your life. Often the symptoms associated with illness are just one of the things that affect your health, many people lose confidence and grow anxious about managing their condition if it changes.

What is Health Technology/Telehealth?

Health Technology (or Telehealth) is a way of using technology to monitor your own health, with the support of health professionals. It can help you stay well, become more independent and give you peace of mind in your own home, whilst reducing the likelihood of you needing emergency hospital treatment. Health Technology can help you learn more about your condition and how you can manage it more effectively.


You can also answer simple questions about your health. This information is then received by healthcare professionals giving you peace of mind that your condition is being monitored regularly.


Your measurements and answers help health professionals give you the right support when you need it. You will also receive short education videos that show you how you can improve managing your condition.

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Liverpool COVID-19 Virtual Ward pathway provides support for patients that have been diagnosed with, or have suspected symptoms of COVID-19 and would benefit from closer monitoring for signs of deterioration.  

Patients are identified and referred by their GP. The Telehealth Team will ensure that patients receive short-term (14 days) oxygen saturation, BP and temperature monitoring.

This service aims to help identify patients with early deterioration and escalate to appropriate medical care and also support patients to remain at home, relieve pressure on primary care and reduce unnecessary hospital presentation or admission.

This service is currently for Liverpool residents and by GP referral only.

Your GP: The Health Technology Team work with practices to identify patients who will benefit from using Health Technology. You need to meet specific criteria to be referred to the service.

If you are interested in finding out more about using Health Technology ask someone at your GP practice or alternatively please call our team for further advice and information on: 0151 285 4651

Community Matron: If you are under the care of a Community Matron they can refer you directly to the Health Technology Team.

Specialist Nurses: If you are under the care of a Specialist Nurse for your condition, they can refer you directly to the Health Technology Team.

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