Living with an illness can make you feel scared and alone. You’ll probably be looking for answers – about your diagnosis, your medication, the services you’ve been referred to, what to say to your family and friends. There are lots of answers here all based on what other people who have used our services tell us they want.

For example how to use your recovery plan – this is the plan you made with your care team and friends and family to help you back to being well, feeling optimistic and hopeful and achieving your goals.

You might not feel like you’ve begun your recovery, but just by getting help you’ve taken a big step. These websites and resources will help you along the way.

There’s stuff about staying well, by doing small things that will make a difference.

We need your help to help us make services better. Your experiences are invaluable to help us make it better for other people. When you’re ready, think about getting involved, taking part in our events, giving us your thoughts and telling us what we’re doing wrong – or right. Have a look at our get involved and events pages.

If you’re not happy about any part of your care you can talk to our PALS – the Patient Liaison and advice service - who will try to help put things right.