Put simply, recovery is about having and building a meaningful, satisfying and contributing life and using your strengths to become all you want to be.

A person’s journey of recovery is a highly individual process. It is about developing a meaningful and satisfying life regardless of a condition or diagnosis. Recovery is identifying, using and developing your skills and talents to become all you want to be and do all you want to do!

Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust has built on the success of the Life Rooms in Walton by opening another venue in Southport as a centre for learning, recovery, health and wellbeing.

  • An employment and enterprise hub to help Mersey Care service users get back to work, through volunteering opportunities and further education
  • Literacy, numeracy and IT skills provided for service users in a safe environment
  • Service users and carers will be able to get information about physical and mental wellbeing, advice on money, housing and community services
  • A library for learning and health and wellbeing
  • A children’s library area
  • Meeting spaces for community groups
  • A free IT suite for everyone to use
  • Interview areas for private one-to-one conversations enabling confidential support
  • A café
  • An open area usable for art exhibitions and cultural activities for local groups.

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0151 478 6556

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