We believe people in our care who present with challenging behaviour should to be supported through methods other than physical and medication-led restraint.

As part of our drive towards Perfect Care we have launched The ‘No Force First’ initiative, with the aim of eliminating restrictive intervention on our inpatient services, unless absolutely necessary.

‘No Force First’ places relationships between staff and the people who use services as the central focus of the process. Tools, techniques and approaches are adopted that help to de-escalate tensions when people are distressed.  The approach has proven success in reducing restrictive practices in in-patient environments, with more than a 50% reduction in restraint on pilot in-patient sites in the first year of implementation and lowering absence rates amongst some teams where it has been implemented. 

We view the people who use our services as ‘experts by experience’; they are our key human resource in delivering change. Their experiences both of restrictive practices, and more positive stories of kind and compassionate interventions, are regularly used to inspire ward teams to adopt new ideas and approaches.

The process is perfectly timed to help us meet new Department of Health recommendations to change the way care and support are provided to people who use our services and who may become challenging.

‘No Force First’ has also been internationally recognised. Dr Ed Coffey, an eminent neuro-psychiatrist and professor of psychiatry at Wayne State University School of Medicine said:

“I think Mersey Care is leading the world in their efforts to eliminate the need for seclusion and restraint – the ‘No Force First’ programme is a benchmark for everyone else.”

If you require any more information on the No Force First initiative please contact Project Lead for No Force First, on 0151 473 2803.