Depending on the equipment you have been provided with, information will be sent to you about how to be prepared and maintain your equipment during a power cut. This section will continue to be updated with any information we think might be relevant to you.

How can I prepare in advance?

  • If you have a device from the Community Equipment Service, please prepare in advance of any pre-planned outages by fully charging your item for usage. This would be items such as hoists, bath lifts chairs, suction machines, and powered wheelchairs chairs. 
  • You could also prepare the position of any electrical furniture to ensure maximum comfort and safe usage, such as setting profiling beds to desired height and adjust back rest/ knee bends to desired angles.

Advice from Electricity North West

  • Keep a battery-operated or windup torch somewhere easy to find
  • Have a list of emergency contacts written down, as well as saved on your mobile. This could include family, friends, Community Equipment Service, GP, pharmacist, utility companies and Electricity North West
  • Check if your neighbours and streetlights have power. If they do, it could mean there is a problem with your trip switches. For help with checking your trip switches or to report a power cut and get the latest updates, call Electricity North West for free on 105
  • Listen for updates and weather reports on your local radio stations in a major incident.