The Health Public Protection Hub supports Mersey Care’s Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA) work. The team adopts a multi-agency approach to the management of people who are dangerous to others by working alongside police and probation services.

The team is focused on the early identification and prevention of harm towards others and delivers:

  • MAPPA – advice, guidance and support on managing individuals who are managed under MAPPA
  • Management of Police Information (MOPIs) – process MOPI requests
  • Risk management – can attend care programme approach (CPA) discharge or risk meetings for advice, support and guidance on the management of dangerousness toward others
  • Prevent – advice and guidance on potential Prevent cases and have oversight of referrals into the Channel programmes (anti-terrorism)
  • Health Risk Assessment Management Meetings (HRAMMs) – advice and guidance on an HRAMM referral and oversight of the HRAMM process
  • Victim liaison – have a victim liaison function where we work with the Victim Liaison Unit in striving to prevent further harm to victims.

Mersey Care clinical teams across the Trust can contact us about identification and management of individuals who are under Mersey Care services and who have the potential to harm others or for the prevention of further harm to others.