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Our Liaison and Diversion services aim to improve the health and justice outcomes for adults and children aged ten years and upwards, who come into contact with the youth and criminal justice systems, where their needs are identified as factors in their offending behaviour. We also specialise in supporting ex armed forces through the justice system and into health care, where needed.

People with mental health problems, learning disability, substance misuse problems and other vulnerabilities are identified and assessed as early as possible as they pass through the youth and criminal justice systems to ensure they have access to appropriate services and support.

Our team consists of nurses, social workers and support workers, with a wide and varied skills and knowledge base. The team operates from and covers a variety of locations including courts, police stations and youth offending services with the Mersey Care footprint. As well as mental health and risk assessment, we are a key partner in multi-agency liaison and working, training across multi-agency and health groups and we have responsibility for community risk management.