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Who we are

Our Paediatric Therapy Team work with children, young people and their families where there is a disability or impairment that is affecting a child's ability to carry out or join in with everyday activities.  

Our team includes physiotherapists, occupational therapists, assistant practitioners and therapy assistants who are supported behind the scenes by a dedicated admin team. We focus on supporting children with their functional or physical needs. This could be areas such as:

  • Difficulty in self-care skills

  • Musculoskeletal problems

  • Neurodevelopmental difficulties 

  • Sensory processing difficulties

Watch our animation to find out more about our Paediatric Therapy Team. 

Our service is for children from birth to 19 years who live in St Helens and Knowsley. 

Occupational therapy

Our occupational therapists can help you to develop skills and techniques that will support you with activities, sometimes referred to as 'occupations', relating to:

  • self-care – learning to wash, dress, eat, toilet independently are important for your development

  • play and leisure – play and leisure are important in development because it's through play that children learn and practice new skills, make friends and find a sense of self

  • education – participation in education is a key activity for children and young people

We work with children and young people, families and schools/nurseries to offer advice and strategies that will support you to achieve the things that you want to or need to.


Our physiotherapists can help you to improve your gross motor skills (large muscle movements made with the arms, legs, feet or entire body) and strength. 

We do this through strengthening and stretching programmes and teaching you how to move into different positions, stand and walk.

We help you to achieve these skills through exercises, hydrotherapy, rebound therapy and exercise groups.

Assistant practitioners and therapy assistants

Our team of assistant practitioners and therapy assistants support our occupational therapists and physiotherapists. They also run programmes and courses that you may use as part of your care plan.

We work with a range of individuals to support our service and provide the best possible outcomes for children. Some examples of the people who we work with to help us are parents, teachers, children's nurses, speech and language therapists, consultants, and external agencies such as social enterprises or charities. This list is not exhaustive as we will work with any other key individual or organisation who is involved in the child's life to ensure the child is supported to achieve his or her goals.

Information about how to access our service can be found on our referral information page.  

We provide a range of therapies both one-to-one and group sessions at clinics, patient homes, community centres, special and mainstream schools and nurseries in St Helens and Knowsley including:
  • Lansbury Bridge School

  • Bluebell Park School

  • Manor Farm Primary Care Resource Centre

  • Peasley Cross Hospital

  • Whiston Hospital