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Who are we

We are based in Sefton and are part of the 0-19 Children's team. We are developing an enhanced model of public health nursing with an emphasis on early intervention.

The service is divided in to three key areas, pre school, school age and emotional health and wellbeing.

The health visitor offers an early intervention visiting programme to young mums aged 19 and under who are pregnant with their first baby and mums who are over 19 years old with their first baby and who have an identified vulnerability.

For school aged children and young people the service is offered to children and young people who are referred to the pupil referral unit for behavioural difficulties, children who are receiving elective home education including the gypsy/traveller population and identified young people aged 16-19 years who are not in education employment or training and have not attended school/college in Sefton.   

Emotional health and wellbeing service will provide emotional, mental health and behaviour advice, support and intervention to children, young people and their families.

The specialist nurse for emotional health and wellbeing also provides training and consultation to the school nurses, and members of the enhanced team.

The enhanced team works with the local authority including education, children's centres, statutory and voluntary services, midwives, CAMHS, health visitors and school nurses.

A member of the team will complete an initial assessment at home, school or education provision. This will help identify health needs and support us to plan care and interventions with the child or young person, the parent or expectant mum. We aim to ensure that you be supported by the same member of the team. Follow up appointments will be planned together and we can be flexible with visiting times and venues for example in the family home, clinic or a children's centre.

Pre school referrals will be accepted, provided they meet the criteria for referral to the enhanced team, this will mainly be from midwives and health visitors but professionals can contact the team to discuss referrals with a member of the team. School aged children will be referred through the local authority, school health, health visitors, other professionals.

Referrals to the emotional health and wellbeing service are made through the school nurse case holder. The specialist nurse for emotional health and wellbeng provides training and consultation to the school nurses, and members of the enhanced team. Referrals for the service need to be discussed with the specialist nurse in the first instance