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The aim of the multidisciplinary Community Pain Service is to help patients reduce and/or manage pain in order to maximise their quality of life.

The team works in close partnership with Pain Clinic Plus, a group of people who themselves are service users and have experienced similar pain problems. Pain Clinic Plus aim to unite and support pain sufferers by way of informal meetings, talks and discussions. 

See the pain clinic plus for further information.

Who is the service for?

This service is for people who suffer from any kind of chronic pain who are registered with a Southport and Formby GP.

See the attached leaflet for further information on the pain management programme.

Referral via GP / Physio / Consultant

What are your best hopes for your appointment?

We understand that a lot of people will say that they want to be in less pain, or more in control of their pain.

What would that look like for you and what difference would that make to your life?

What are the important questions you want answered at your appointment?

You might want to jot these down to remind you.

How will you know if the appointment has been helpful for you? What will have happened?

Video calling is convenient and easy to use.

Instead of travelling to your appointment, you will enter this online waiting area. (

The service will see that you have arrived, and one of our team will join your call when ready.

There is no need to create an account, and these video calls are secure and your privacy is protected.

How do I attend my appointment?


What do I need to make a video call?

  • A device which can make a video call, such as a smartphone, tablet or computer with a webcam and speakers
  • A reliable internet connection (Wi-Fi, ethernet (wired) or mobile data). If you can watch a video online, you will be able to make a video call
  • A private, well lit area for your consultation, where you will not be disturbed.
  • The latest version of your internet browser (Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge etc.)


Dr Chris Barker

Chris has worked in the pain service since it started and is the doctor and clinical lead for the team. His interests are converting the science of pain into useful strategies that make a real and important difference to people. When he's not trying to use big words he also is hugely interested in healthcare improvement, working with local commissioners and other organisations who design policy, guidelines and standards for pain.

Mark Brown

Mark is a specialist physiotherapist in pain management and is the newest member of the team joining us in July 2020. Mark is someone who strives to provide patient centred care tailored to each individual to meet their own goals and is passionate in his approach to help people live their life despite the presence of pain.

Mark will work with service users on a one to one basis and will also be delivering exercise and education sessions within the community pain service's pain management programme. Mark really enjoys helping people build their confidence through movement and hopes to help people to build on their reliance to help them engage in meaningful activities that are important to them.

Marion Burke

Marion has worked as the community pain service's secretary for over 10 years. She is passionate about the pathways in community services being as streamlined as possible and how best we can support patients who are making their first appointments and don't know what to expect.

Tracy Leeson

Tracy is our rehabilitation assistant. She works 3 days a week supporting the clinicians with their clinic duties. She plays a vital role in the exercise element of the Pain Management Programme and offers other rehabilitation support to patients such as signposting to third sector groups within the community. She also helps ensure the administrative side of the Pain Management Programme runs smoothly.

Kate Maguire

Kate has worked in the pain service for over 10 years as a specialist physiotherapist. She is really interested in working with patients to achieve their physical goals, despite the presence of pain. She is often the 1st clinician you will meet within the service, triaging new patients, assessing and diagnosing. She works closely with community exercise and wellbeing groups such as 'Zest for Life'.

Mohammed Patel

Mohammed (Mo) works as a specialist pharmacist and independent prescriber. He works with patients individually to help optimise the use of their medication in managing persistent pain. This includes one to one reviews, which attempt to get the best out of your medication. Mo also works with patients and local healthcare professionals to help them understand and reduce opioids. Furthermore, he delivers the medicines use component in the pain service's pain management programme.

Dr. Rebecca Simm

Becky has worked as a Senior Clinical Psychologist in the service for over 10 years.  She is really interested in helping people figure out what a good life can look like, despite pain being around.  She works closely with our expert patient group, Pain Clinic Plus, and is interested in positive psychology approaches around helping to build hope and coping, and the role of peer and community support. She offers one to one work with people, helps with staff training and supervision, and co-ordinates and delivers the service's group Pain Management Programme.

We have an Assistant Psychologist supports the Senior Psychologist in the team in promoting conversations around people’s hopes for the future and to live life well, despite the pain. The conversations help to draw on people’s current coping, strengths and resources to actively make changes and reach their goals.

Emily Walmsley

Emily is a senior occupational therapist who works one day a week in the team. She sees patients for one to one sessions and also delivers parts of the Pain Management Programme. Emily works together with patients to enable them to do the things that are important to them despite living with pain, whether this is looking after themselves and their family, working, leisure activities or just sleeping!

Pain Clinic Plus is a peer support group, run by expert patient volunteers who live with persistent pain, for people with persistent pain. They are a vital part of the support we offer and work closely with the team. They have their own website.

Pain Clinic Plus usually host a drop in every Friday morning at Ainsdale, however due to Covid 19, they are currently holding virtual meetings instead. Everyone is very welcome to join them on Zoom, whether you have previously attended a meeting or not.

Please contact our Expert Patient and Pain Clinic Plus lead, Kev Howard, for more information:


  • Palouse Mindfulness - Free online eight week mindfulness based stress reduction course.
  • Mindfulness for pain - The science behind mindfulness for managing pain, personal experiences and free mindfulness exercises.


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